Prof. Lu Feng 2014, Reflections on the Global Environmental Crisis from Confucian and Ecological Perspectives

Montag, 21. Januar 2019 11:16

This is an article by Professor Lu Feng, at Tsinghua university. He is the head of the philosophy department (Ethics) there, and the head of Environmental philosophy of China.

Abstract: Modern civilization and development are creating a global ecological crisis. Modernity, due to its focus on “mass production, mass consumption, and mass waste," is anti-ecological and unsustainable. Current realities are gradually forcing civilization to consider alternative approaches and ways of existing on the planet. There is a need to create an eco-civilization. In contrast with modernity, ancient Chinese civilization promoted living in harmony with the earth, and can be defined as a type of agricultural eco- civilization. Confucianism made significant contributions to ancient Chinese civilization, including ways of promoting harmony with the natural world. While it is not possible to return to the past, it is valuable to explore its wisdom for the purpose of aiding the construction of new eco-civilization models. We can gain insights from Ancient China, Confucianism and utilize positive aspects of western civilization to create a new eco-civilization.

 Link to his video presentation.