Michele Ball, Canada

Freitag, 4. Oktober 2019 11:30

Michele Ball is BA (psychology), MSW (clinical social work) has a Practitioner Diploma TCM (Chinese medicine).

She currently lives on a 400 acre crop farm, north of Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Her work is focused on individual, family and group work and outreach to communities. In the past several years she has focused on integrating TCM foundations and practices with the psycho-social fields and scientific research.  She provides holistic assessments, integrative therapeutics and innovative practices, especially focusing on a Yangsheng model of mind-body health.  She offers experiential, educational and empowerment events for healthy lifestyle, holistic assessments and integrative therapies, food as medicine and mind-body healing. Her work focuses on helping individuals more deeply connect to nature and to themselves, de-stress, heal depression, anxiety and emotional trauma.  She enjoys the arts, creative endeavours and taking photographs of flowers and nature. 

Michele: „Lots of innovative therapies I have created and new ideas and ways of practising. Also, i have done a lot of research on industrial hemp and the endocannabinoid system and rebalancing the brain and nervous system etc. One day want to grow it here, along with other medicinal plants, and use food as medicine. Acupuncture and tapping are powerful, espacially in the TCM system of understanding. Western sciences are really starting to catch up to TCM and the power of acupuncture. I think INAS is a good platform to share ideas, experiences and research. Now, I want to offer my favorite websites, which are describing the topics of my work:“