Dr. Dyczek, The deeper meaning of the Chinese acupuncture point names

Sonntag, 16. Juni 2019 11:05

Hello, I am Dr. Dyczek, qualified in acupuncture in 1988 in the UK and since 1998 working in Poland. From 2006 I have been teaching acupuncture in my home country, Poland. The years of my clinical practice and the demands from the acupuncture students motivated myself to start an important project titled: The deeper meaning of the Chinese acupuncture point names.

In modern times, acupuncture education utilizes three methods to define an acupoint: a Chinese name, an English name and a meridian abbreviation with a number.  However, only a few institutions of Chinese medicine and acupuncture focus on utilizing the therapeutic potentials hidden within the Chinese names.  The traditional ways of understanding life and healing using acupuncture are deeply rooted in the three realms, the physical, emotional, and spiritual.  In other words, the realms of Tian (Heaven), Di (Earth) and Ren (Person). The deeper meaning of acupuncture points requires a good understanding of the traditional Chinese language, along with an understanding of their cultural and historical context.

Because acupoint names are imbued with meaning on many levels and carry an abundance of information, it is useful to explore their names and to reveal their underlying significance, especially for those people studying acupuncture without having an understanding of the Chinese language or culture.

The purpose of this project is to reveal the meaning and the spiritual beauty hidden within acupuncture point names, while considering their cultural, religious, linguistic and social realities of ancient times (when the names were designated).  A sole interpretation of the ideograms is insufficient.


•Critically assess the meaning and significance of acupuncture point names.


•Consider the time and the context of acupoint name development.

•Examine the acupoint names from a historical, cultural, religious, social and linguistic perspective.

•Explore the etymology of acupuncture point ideograms.

•Evaluate the therapeutic merit of the names, on the level of body, mind and spirit.

•Expose why the point holds a particular name – discuss connotations.

•Revise the current paradigms about acupuncture to include China's traditional and endemic system of healing, which is deeply immersed in mind, body and spirit realms. 

•Avoid over interpretation of the meaning of acupoint names 

Project coordinator: Henryk Dyczek, PhD (med.), AcM, DC, MBAcC.

E-mail: henryk@dyczek.pl